September, 2011 Newsletter to agents

To all agents representing buyers; Cohesion, Inc. has helped real estate agents and their clients to deal with home heating oil tank issues since 1998. We are committed to continue improving our services to you, and yours to your clients. We have upgraded our website at Please take a chance to look at the website and feel free to give us feedback on how we can improve it or how much you can benefit from it. An important addition to the website you can greatly benefit from is the Acknowledgement of Liabilities form...


Due Diligence

Real Estate: Environmental Liabilities & Assessments (Phase I & II) Many commercial properties carry environmental liabilities. Once you buy the property, you own the liability. There are ways to prevent or minimize buying these liabilities. A thorough investigation of the property by a professional can identify and quantify possible liabilities. Furthermore, a property owner has a second layer of protection through the Innocent Land Owner Act against unidentifiable liabilities as long as one can prove a thorough investigation was...


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