For Buyers

Buyer must be extremely cautious to purchase an older property. Many homes built before 1980 have a good chance of having used heating oil to heat the premises. More than 80% of all home heating oil USTs we remove in the Triangle area leaked. A property with a leaking tank could carry a large liability. Besides potentially contaminating your dwelling with fumes or contaminating a drinking well, required cleanup of leaking tanks can cost tens of thousands of dollars. All leaking home heating oil tanks have to be cleaned up to below applicable standards according to North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s (NCDEQ) regulations. Therefore it is very important to determine if heating oil was ever used and stored on premises, and determine if tanks (former or current) have leaked.

While an owner of a property is not required to remove a home heating oil tank or test to see if it leaked, a buyer has the fullest right under North Carolina law to test a tank for leakage if the buyer is under contract. A seller has to allow a buyer to inspect the property even if it is an as is sale.

Knowing where a tank is located is very important for inspection of a tank. The cost of finding the location of a tank can cost more than the actual inspection cost of a tank. Refer to our tank locating services for more information.

Buyers can download an Acknowledgement of Liability form here.

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