Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Removal

Efficient Heating Oil Tank Removal in Raleigh, NC

An above ground storage tank (AST) can be used to store heating oil where underground storage tank (UST) is not desired, practical, or required.  Not frequently, an AST will be used to replace a UST that has begun to leak.  Leaked heating oil from an AST is regulated the same as a leak from a UST i.e. reporting and cleanup requirements are the same.  When a release is detected from an AST, it is required by law to report the leak to NCDEQ within 24 hours and to commence source removal and cleanup. The experts at Cohesion, Inc. have the equipment and technique to see to a safe heating oil tank removal in Raleigh, NC, that is both effective and environmentally friendly.

Reliable Heating Oil Tank Removal in Raleigh, NC

Having your oil tank removed can be an extremely complicated process that should not be taken lightly. During our superior heating oil tank removal in Raleigh, NC, we uncover the buried heating oil tank by excavating the earth or concrete covering the area in order to expose the tank. Using our high-quality tools, we open the container enough to begin the cleaning process to ensure that no contaminants enter the surrounding soil.

After careful inspection after evacuation, we can be sure that there are no dangerous leaks and return your property to its original form. No removal is complete without a full report containing removal activities and proof of leak-free soil. A full report is standard for commercial projects and extremely beneficial to current and future residential property owners.

Environmental Clean Up Services

Oil tanks are a potential environmental and safety hazard that must be inspected by certified professionals on a regular basis. If your underground tank experiences a leak, it can release contaminants that make your water unsafe and unpleasant to drink. These pollutants can also result in fire and explosion hazards that produce long-term health effects. Our services clean up in an environmentally friendly way to protect groundwater resources and create safe surroundings for those that live and work around the site of your oil tank. We strive to provide an environmental service that will address every item and concern related to your heating oil tank.

Contact us to schedule an assessment of your property before a tank removal. We are proud to serve residential property owners in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding area.

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