Tank Inspections

If asked to do a tank (UST) inspection, the overriding question is, has the tank leaked? We utilize a hand auger to bore a hole in the soil adjacent to the tank. The depth of the borehole varies, but generally the depth is 4 feet to 7 feet. If we smell heating oil in the soil from the borehole, we know the tank leaked. If we do not smell anything in the soil from the first borehole, we will try again at another location adjacent to the tank. We potentially will check 3 or 4 locations, and if all locations have no oil odor, and the laboratory analysis of the soil detects no petroleum, we have relatively good knowledge the tank did not leak. However, the only way to be certain the tank did not leak is to remove the tank and directly inspect the soil beneath the tank. If you would like Cohesion Inc. to do a heating oil tank inspection for you, please download, fill out and return the SITE INSPECTION REQUEST FORM.

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