Site Inspections

A site inspection will help you as a property owner or a potential buyer to determine if you have a tank and if that tank is leaking.

Cohesion can help you determine whether or not you have a UST buried on a property and if any contamination exists in the underlying soil. Most underground storage tanks can be easily detected and located via a visual inspection; others can be hidden underground without exhibiting any indications of their existence. Cohesion Inc. has located numerous USTs, often to the shock of our clients, and many of these USTs have leaked and corroded unbeknownst to the property owners.

What's happens during a site inspection?

  1. An inspector will visit your site during the scheduled two-hour service window.
  2. The inspector will use various tools to determine the tank location if vent/fill pipes are not present.
  3. If we found a tank and the vent/fill pipes are present, the inspector will measure the tank to determine the capacity of the tank.
  4. Your inspector will record their findings in a report within two business days.

Why do you need to have a site inspection?


A buyer should have an inspection performed on a property that was built between 1920 and 1980 to prevent purchasing a property with the potential of a hidden environmental liability.

Property Owner/Seller

According to North Carolina general statutes, you may still be the owner of a tank even after you sold the property; therefore, you could be liable for a tank that started leaking after you sold the property. Therefore, it is recommended to landowners to determine at least if a tank did or did not leak before a sale of a property.


As a realtor, we recommend a site inspection as a defense for any potential legal liability issues that could arise from not disclosing the existence of the tank.

Cohesion provides site inspections all of North Carolina, including Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Garner, Burlington, Hillsborough, and Fayetteville. Please call us at 919-233-8626 or email us to schedule your inspection today!